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Latest Patch: ‘Slipstream: Rogue Space’ Gets a Major Update

Latest Patch: ‘Slipstream: Rogue Space’ Gets a Major Update


Slipstream: Rogue Space has just received a major update that promises to enhance the gaming experience significantly. This latest patch, v1.60.0, introduces new features, improvements, and fixes that aim to make the game even more engaging. This article will break down the key elements of the update and what players can expect.

TOC: Detailed Breakdown of Slipstream: Rogue Space Patch v1.60.0

Overview of Slipstream Rogue Space

Overview of Slipstream: Rogue Space

"Slipstream: Rogue Space" is a cooperative space adventure game where players team up to explore the galaxy, battle aliens, and manage their starship. The game is known for its engaging mechanics and streamer-led gameplay, allowing viewers to participate actively.

Key Features:

  • Cooperative Gameplay: Team up with other players and streamers to explore the galaxy.
  • Dynamic Environment: The game’s universe is constantly evolving, offering new challenges and opportunities.
  • Streamer Integration: Streamers can lead their crew, making the game interactive and engaging for viewers.

Key Features of the Latest Patch

The v1.60.0 patch introduces several new features and improvements that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

New Additions

  • Daily Bonus: Players can now earn daily rewards for logging in and completing specific tasks.
  • Speed Runs: A new mode that challenges players to complete objectives as quickly as possible.
  • Crew Respec: Players can now respec their crew members, allowing for greater customization and strategy.


  • Performance Enhancements: Various optimizations to improve game performance and reduce lag.
  • UI Updates: Improved user interface for better navigation and ease of use.
  • Bug Fixes: Numerous bug fixes to enhance stability and gameplay.

Detailed Patch Notes

Here are the detailed patch notes for the v1.60.0 update:


  • Daily Bonus: Introduced daily login rewards and tasks.
  • Speed Runs: Added a new speed run mode for competitive gameplay.
  • Crew Respec: Players can now respec their crew members, allowing for more flexible strategies.


  • Performance: Optimized game performance, reducing lag and improving frame rates.
  • UI Enhancements: Updated the user interface for better navigation and user experience.
  • Bug Fixes: Fixed various bugs, including issues with mission tracking and inventory management.

New Features

  • Slip Shop: A new in-game shop where players can purchase upgrades and cosmetics.
  • Crew Customization: Expanded options for customizing crew members’ appearance and abilities.

Player Reactions and Feedback

The latest patch has been well-received by the community, with players praising the new features and improvements.

Positive Feedback

  • Daily Bonuses: Players appreciate the added incentives for logging in daily.
  • Speed Run Mode: The new mode has been a hit, providing a fresh challenge for veteran players.
  • Crew Respec: The ability to respec crew members has been widely praised for adding depth to the gameplay.

Areas for Improvement

  • Minor Bugs: Some players have reported minor bugs that still need addressing.
  • Balance Issues: A few players have noted balance issues with certain crew abilities.


The latest patch for "Slipstream: Rogue Space" brings exciting new features and improvements that enhance gameplay and engage players. With daily bonuses, a new speed run mode, and crew respec options, there’s something for everyone in this update. The community’s positive reaction highlights the success of these changes and sets the stage for even more exciting updates in the future.


What are the main features of the latest patch for "Slipstream: Rogue Space"?

The main features include daily bonuses, a new speed run mode, crew respec options, performance enhancements, UI updates, and the introduction of the Slip Shop.

How has the community reacted to the latest patch?

The community has responded positively, praising the new features and improvements, though some minor bugs and balance issues have been noted.

Where can I find more information about the game and its updates?

You can find more information on the game’s Steam page and the official website.

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